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Compact Snow Pushers from ScoopDogg by Buyers allow any compact tractor with a skid steer style universal coupler to become a heavy duty snow removal tool. With a robust construction and durable design, the pusher is ready to take on hard-packed snow and ice.

These compact snow pushers effortlessly handle heavy loads. Dual 4 in. channels provide maximum support and rigidity. The heavy precision-rolled moldboard enhances rolling of snow. The 1/4 in. thick side plates work to contain the snow and make the plowing experience quick and efficient. These pushers come ready to work with AR400 extremely abrasion resistant wear surfaces on the wear shoes. The shoes are attached with Grade 5 Hex Head Cap Screws (HHCS). The 1 in. by 6 in. rubber compound cutting edge gives you durability and ground contact you need to get the job done right.

Buyers Products Tuff-Kote™ powder coating process extends the life of your pusher. First, it's sandblasted to remove all impurities and contaminants. Next, it's primed to seal and fill any inconsistencies in the material. A top coat then acts as an additional primer and prepares the surface for the final treatment -- a super durable polyester powder coat to protect your plow from the elements for years to come.

Size Compact Snow Pusher - 10 Foot