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Categories: Salt and Sand Spreaders

BOSS Snowplow introduces QuickCube™--- a revolutionary new approach for ice control and a completely NEW WAY for professionals to manage their snow and ice removal business. The QuickCube™ System lowers fuel costs, improves response times to job sites, expands your labor pool and increases your bottom line! Watch the video to see the benefits the QuickCube™ system can add to your business!
  • Gravity-fed, weather-resistant, aesthetically pleasing stackable cubes can hold approximately 1,000 lbs. of salt, replace the need for remote salt piles, tarps and temporary shelters.
  • Easy skid-steer hookup for quickly switching from box plow to QuickCube™ making it the ultimate snow and ice control machine.
  • Improved customer response time stage a skid-steer, a QuickCube system and a box plow at the job site and hire operators that live close to those job sites. Operators travel directly to the site and begin servicing the customer.
  • Reduce travel of costly truck and spreader rigs during dangerous driving conditions- save fuel costs, wear and tear on trucks and reduce accident risk by staging QuickCubes when the sun is shining.

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