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Categories: Expandable Snowplows, Truck Year, UTV snow

Buyers Part Number: XP810II
Expandable plow extends from 8 feet to a full 10 foot scoop with the press of a button.


    • The next generation of SnowDogg expanding wing plows is here.

    • Extend your blade from 8 feet to a 10 foot scoop at the press of a button. The versatile plow's powerful stacking and windrowing are ideal for quickly clearing large lots.

    • The corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel moldboard never needs paint. A robust frame spreads impact across the blade to reduce wear on vital components. • Aggressive 70° attack angle • Full-length 2 in. cross tube • Heavy duty bottom channel • Nine reinforcing 1/4 in. laser-cut steel ribs • 1/2 in. cutting edge with integrated curb guards

    • Mount and dismount in one minute or less with the new RapidLink™ Attachment System. • Center-mounted drop foot props up your plow on any surface with the pull of a handle • Hydraulically powered Jack Switch™ adjusts your plow's mounting height on the fly so it's easy to line up with your vehicle • Connects to your truck with a single driver side foot pedal

    • The tubular steel Floating A-Frame features a sliding-pin connection so the plow contours the ground for a clean, efficient scrape. Outstanding performance at any mounting height.

    • SnowDogg Illuminator™ LED Headlights are brighter and longer lasting than traditional halogens. Active Defrosting Technology™ keeps the Illuminators ice-free even in the biting cold - a central heat source defrosts the entire lens evenly, preventing the streaking or banding that's common with other LED plow lights. SnowDogg HX High Intensity Halogens are also available.

    • From the heavy duty lift arm to the fully enclosed hydraulic power unit, the SnowDogg XPII is built to endure whatever winter throws at you. • Powerful 2 in.lift cylinder • Over-sized 1-1/2 in. angle cylinders • Fully enclosed 2 HP hydraulic power unit • SAE standard cartridge valves and hefty 3/8 in. rubber hoses

    • Six stress-optimized trip springs protect your equipment from hidden curbs and obstacles. A heavy duty shock kit is also available (see "Accessories" below) to cushion the trip for an even smoother ride.

    • Intuitive in-cab controls are simple to use even with gloves on. The backlit, one-handed controller puts all plows functions in the palm of your hand. Other standard accessories: • Belted rubber snow deflector • Cast shoes • Wire reinforced blade guides




Angle Cylinders 1 1/2 x 12" Angled Blade Width 104.0"
Blade Height 31" Blade Width 96"
Cutting Edge 1/2 x 6" Electrical Headlamp Rated Replaceable Micro-ISO Relays
Harnesses Separate Light and Hydraulic 4GA Power Wires Lift Cylinder 2 x 6"
Lights Dual Halogen or Illuminator LEDs Moldboard Material 304 Stainless Steel
Moldboard Thickness 12 Ga Mounting System RapidLink Attachment System
Plow Shoes Standard Plow Type Expandable Wing Plow
Ribs 9 Snow Deflector Rubber
Stand Drop Foot Trip Springs 4
Trip Style Full Trip Shipping Weight 1021 lb

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