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Categories: V-Snowplows

Born and built on the shores of Lake Erie, Buyers Products SnowDogg VXF85 Snowplow is the ideal V-plow for serious contractors and commercial users. Its simple-yet-reliable build, robust components, and easy-to-use design have helped it become the fastest-growing V-plow on the market.

The VXF95 is built to take on harsh storms. Two flared 304 stainless steel wings are each backed by four laser-cut vertical ribs. A full length 2 in. cross tube and heavy duty channel provide additional torsional rigidity to the independent moldboards. With an oversize hinge pin and 70º attack angle, the VXF95 is ready to punch through snow with extreme throwing action--especially in the "V" position. Standard 1/2 in. cutting edges help save your blade from wear and tear, and the steel components are primed and powder-coated on site to provide maximum process control and the highest quality.

Trip Action, Lift and Angling Cylinders
The VXF's two independently actuated 6 in. trip edges help the operator maintain smooth control and protect the truck and equipment. If you're looking to stack snow, the heavy duty lift arm, chain, and cylinder on the VXF Series work in conjunction to offer 35º of travel. Standard dual-action angle cylinders provide forceful angling, scooping, and backdragging under any condition.

The Full Package
Buyers Products sets the standard of what you should expect from your plow company. The plow's integrated 2HP DC-powered hydraulic unit comes equipped with SAE standard cartridge valves and hefty 3/8-inch rubber hoses. A poly snow deflector, wire-reinforced blade guides, glove-on in-cab controller, and dual-beam halogen plow lights come standard on every VXF plow. Plus, the VXF can be on and off your truck quickly with the SnowDogg Dual Foot Pedal Quick Mount. Just align your truck, actuate the pedals, raise the jack, and attach lock pins and electrical plugs.

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