* Steel O-Ring Adapters

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1. What are O-ring fittings? 

O-ring fittings, also known as O-ring face seal fittings, create leak-proof connections in hydraulic systems. They consist of a male fitting with a machined groove and a female fitting with a flat face where the O-ring sits, offering excellent leak protection even under high pressures.

2. How do O-ring fittings ensure leak-proof connections?

O-ring fittings use a Viton material O-ring seated in a machined groove on the male fitting, forming a flat face seal when tightened against the female fitting. This design, offered by most manufacturers provides excellent leak protection.

3. Where are O-ring fittings commonly used? 

O-ring fittings are widely used in hydraulic systems across various industries due to their ability to create leak-proof connections, making them suitable for applications requiring reliable seals under high pressures.

4. What configurations are available for O-ring fittings?

O-ring fittings come in various configurations, including straight thread and tube end reducer fittings, to accommodate different hydraulic system setups and recent families of hoses.

5. How do O-ring fittings prevent leaks? 

O-ring fittings accept hoses securely and create leak-proof connections by utilizing a ring face seal design, ensuring that recent families of hoses are effectively sealed to prevent leaks.

6. Where can I find O-ring fittings? 

O-ring fittings are available here at Mrhydraulic. Be sure to choose fittings compatible with your specific application requirements.