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Western 60338 60338K &Buyers 1304408 Shock Absorber Snow Plow

Western 60338 60338K &Buyers 1304408 Shock Absorber Snow Plow

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  • Enhance the stability and performance of your snow plow with the Replacement Shock Absorber (Part Number 1304408), compatible with Western part numbers 60338 and 60338K, as well as Buyers part number 1304408. This shock absorber is designed to provide effective damping, reduce vibrations, and improve control during snow removal.

    Key Features:

    1. Direct Replacement for Multiple Part Numbers: The Replacement Shock Absorber (Part Number 1304408) is meticulously engineered to serve as a direct replacement for shock absorbers in Western and Buyers snow plow systems, ensuring a seamless fit and easy integration.

    2. Effective Damping and Vibration Reduction: This shock absorber is designed to effectively dampen vibrations and shocks, improving control and stability during snow plowing operations.

    3. Durable Construction for Longevity: Crafted from high-quality materials, the shock absorber is built to endure the rigors of snow plowing, providing longevity and consistent performance.

    4. Improved Plow Performance: The shock absorber helps in maintaining a stable plow position, enhancing overall plow performance and maneuverability.

    5. Easy Installation and Setup: The shock absorber is designed for easy installation, allowing you to quickly replace the existing shock absorber and minimize downtime during snow removal operations.

    Upgrade and optimize your snow plow with the Replacement Shock Absorber (Part Number 1304408). Replace part numbers 60338, 60338K, and 1304408 with this high-quality shock absorber to ensure effective damping, reduced vibrations, and improved control, contributing to the efficient and safe operation of your snow plow. Keep your pathways clear and safe throughout the winter season.

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